Is iHookup a scam

Is legit?

I have read many complaints about iHookup and seen quite a few people question whether is a scam. This got me curious. Is iHookup legit? Or is it just a ripoff? I joined iHookup, took a look at their registration and join paths, investigated their billing and their email policies and measured these against what I have seen from other dating sites.

iHookup Registration

The registration process for iHookup is pretty standard. One interesting thing that they do is require you to confirm your registration by clicking on an invitation email sent to you at the end of the registration process before you can use any of the site features. This is definitely not standard practice in the industry and it is your first hint that is a legit dating site. The only reason that they would require this step is to ensure that all registrations are completed by a real human with a valid email address.

iHookup Subscription

I went to the iHookup Upgrade page and compared their subscription prices to those of other online dating sites. Their base subscription price is the Silver monthly package at $29.99 and a Gold monthly package for $34.99. Like most dating sites they offer discounts for 3 month and yearly packages. Everything here looks kosher and if anything slightly lower priced than similar dating sites. The membership terms and the Hookup Guarantee are also standard offers.

iHookup Billing uses 3rd party billers, primarily through Epoch is the 3rd party biller for a large number of dating sites, especially those in the casual dating or adult dating niches. offers good customer service and you can cancel your billing through a simple online process and even request a refund for extreme circumstances. Billing shows up on your statement as ‘ *INANNADIGI’ where ‘INANNADIGI’ refers to It is not unusually for online dating sites to use a 3rd party biller, in fact it is quite common for many online businesses to use 3rd party billers because the cost and effort involved in setting up your own credit card processing is quite expensive and difficult due to the security requirements involved with handling financial data. 3rd party billers like have direct relationships with Visa and Mastercard and they won’t do business with companies that run scams. If Epoch loses their relationship with Visa and Mastercard they go out of business so they are very quick to jettison companies that are not legitimate businesses.

iHookup Emails

One of the primary methods that dating sites have to bring their members back to the site is via email. Every dating site has a series of email templates that get sent out on a regular basis, from ‘user has contacted/flirted with you’ to ‘new member’ and ‘hot singles’ emails. iHookup provides a slider control for these emails, allowing you to combine them into daily or weekly digests and block them altogether. Interestingly, automatically blocks these emails for events that occur while you are logged into the site. In addition they allow you to control onsite messaging with the same slider controls. Being able to control emails sent to you is standard in the industry but the level of control offered by iHookup and the automated blocking of messages that occur while you are logged in to the site is above and beyond what most dating sites will offer you.

In conclusion, Is iHookup a scam?

Nothing that offers leads me to believe that they are operating a fake dating site intended to take your subscription money and run. In fact, the basic dating site features that they offer either match or exceed those that you would find on any of the major, industry leading dating sites out there.

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