Is iHookup Legit?

Is it a scam, or a real dating site?

These days online dating is a risky business. Fly by night dating site operators can slap up a dating website with a full set of fake profiles and a white label billing platform for a few thousand dollars. They then use spam tactics and shady billing practices to milk as much money out of the site as they can before they get shut down by the provider of the white label.

In assessing whether is a legit dating site I will try to determine if they are using a white label dating product, investigate their billing practices and review their email policies.

Is iHookup a White Label?

Just because a dating site is using a white label provider doesn’t mean that they are a fake dating site, but it is one thing to watch out for. I took a look at some of the base code of, CSS files, javascript files and the directory structure used to store these files and compared them against some of the biggest white label dating providers out there.

I compared iHookup’s infrastructure to the following white label dating providers:

  • White Label Dating
  • World Dating Partners
  • Successful Match
  • Dating Factory

I found no commonalities in the basic setup of iHookup to any of these white label dating providers. JavaScript file names and CSS style naming conventions are completely different. iHookup uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for image hosting. The fact that they are using a CDN doesn’t mean they are legit, but it does mean that they are shelling out money and resources in order to improve the performance of their website. That isn’t usually something that a company intending to take the money and run is going to do.

iHookup Billing

Scammy dating sites generally use 3rd party billing providers that are either new and inexperienced or known for having unsavory billing practices. uses a 3rd party biller and has multiple options. Their primary billing provider is which has been in business for more than 10 years and has a decent reputation in the marketplace.  They will rebill you automatically at the end of your pay period but that is standard in the industry. does provide an easy to use customer support site where you can cancel your recurring billing and get access to customer support.

iHookup Email

After registering with iHookup you will receive a welcome email and you are required to click a link from that email in order to get access to any features in the site and that includes paying! This is referred to as a double opt-in and it is a method that companies who send lots of emails use to ensure that they are not spamming people. The very fact that they have this step makes me believe that is legit and the fact that they have it implemented before you can pay just reinforces that fact. No scammer is going to place any barriers between a potential sale and its completion. Especially a step which then limits how many emails they can send you! In addition, every email that sends contains an unsubscribe link and the settings section of iHookup allows you to customize the emails you receive in great detail.

In Conclusion: Is iHookup Legit?

Absolutely, they are not using an off the shelf dating product, they utilize a reputable 3rd party biller and their emailing practices are top notch. In fact, has implemented stronger email spam controls than Facebook!

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